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Anti-Disruption Programe

5th - 8th Oct 2020
2pm till 6pm (GMT +8)

Learn How Your Business Can 
Profit from and Pivot to the 
Future Economy Before It Gets Disrupted

Business Brainstorming

The Only SME Playbook to Win in the Digital Economy

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Anti-Disruption Program

5th - 8th Oct 2020
2pm till 6pm (GMT +8)


You will learn and apply these powerful strategies to thrive in this disruptive age

  • STEALTH! 4 Steps to Win

    1. Play to Win

    2. Choose Arena

    3. Align to Future True North

    4. Swiftly-Secretly-Silently

  • STEALTH! 4 Strategies to Win

    1. Unified theory of Innovation

    2. Ambidextrous Organization

    4. Digital Leadership, Mindsets & Culture

  • STEALTH! 4 Shifts to Win

    1. 3.0 Information Economy to 4.0 Intelligent Economy

    2. Digital to Fusion Business Models

    3. Executive Management to Entrepreneurial Leadership

    4. Scarcity to Abundance Mindet

  • STEALTH! 4 Secrets to Win

    1. 4 Laws of Digital Economy

    2. 6Ds of Exponentials

    3. Psychology, Pains & Payoffs of Transformation

    4. Digital Financial Metrics

    1. Geopolitics for Entrepreneurs Masterclass

    2. Thriving in the Age of Chaos, Complexity & Disruption Masterclass

    3. How to Test Product Ideas Before Building Them Masterclass

    4. In Conversation with The Future Interview to "PREVIEW THE WORLD IN 2020s"


  • Overcome and profit from disruption
  • Achieve unlimited growth for your company
  • Spot abundance of innovation opportunities
  • Exploit emerging trends and technologies
  • Thrive in the age of chaos, complexity & disruption

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Executives
    Managing Listed Company
  • Multi-generational Family Members
    Operating Family Business
  • Founder Entrepreneur
    Leading Fast Growing Enterprise
  • Professional Management
    Running Established Company
  • Business Partners
    Co-owning Professional Services Firm


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Charlie has been helping some of the largest companies in the world prepare for the acceleration of technological disruptions and the impact on their industry and business. 

He is the Founding President of The Innovators Institute and Ambassador of SingularityU Singapore, the local chapter of Singularity University

Charlie Ang

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As Trusted by Leading Global Brands

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As Featured On

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Special Bonus

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Fees & Funding

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Anti-Disruption Program

5th - 8th Oct 2020
2pm till 6pm (GMT +8)

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