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"Lead Your Industry"
with Deeper Knowledge on
Data Analytics for E-Commerce

NTU-FTA Series -
Data Analytics for E-Commerce

Data Analytics for E-Commerce
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Centre for
Professional and
Continuing Education

"Lead Your Industry"
with Deeper Knowledge on
Data Analytics for E-Commerce


This is a foundation programme of a data driven economy where companies are able to fine tune their business in a more innovative and technological data centric supported approach. The current wave of eCommerce transformation is driven by disruptive technology, changing demographics, early adopters who understand the potential of data driven technology, and more recently black swan events as the Covid-19 outbreak resulting in a global health crisis forcing businesses to rethink their business approach.  The pressure to innovate and compete is tremendous.

With these challenge on hands, businesses are now embarking on transforming themselves digitally and seek to bring about better data driven decisions to their business for competitive edge and survival.

Design for business leaders, without any technical knowledge needed, this programme will allow you to gain an understanding of what insights data analytics can provide, particularly for those in ecommerce.

You will be guided through the basics of data analytics and will experience how one can perform predictive modelling and leverage analytics to model problems. This will prepare you to ask the right questions about data, communicate effectively with data scientists, and do basic exploration of complex datasets.


Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand basic concepts of data preparation and data management 

  • Understand various data analytics techniques

  • Apply a number of data mining algorithms on real-world datasets

  • Perform data analysis in a variety of business applications


  • Overview of Data Mining

  • Understanding the need of Data Exploration

  • Using Data Visualization to support decision making

  • Understanding basic classification techniques 

  • Applying classification techniques to real-world dataset

  • Understanding basic association analysis concepts

  • Applying association analysis to real-world dataset

  • Understanding basic clustering analysis concepts

  • Applying basic clustering analysis to real-world dataset

Who Should Attend

  • SMEs and Business Leaders
  • Financial Sectors
  • Investors 
  • Technology 


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Dr Lillian Koh

Having served 17 years in Ministry of Education, Singapore and another 17 years in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Dr Koh is now spearheading the new Fintech Academy in Singapore, working closely with the institutions and agencies driving fintech in Singapore and beyond.

She champions financial and fintech literacy movements in Singapore and is involved in spearheading such awareness and talent development programmes given her experience in leading 12 postgraduate course modules, including supervision work at Practicum.

She was also Principal Investigator for research and innovation grants.
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Tomithy Too

Tomithy plays the role of the seeker investor with ST Telemedia a VC/PE fund which globally invest in Telcos Data Centres and growth stage tech companies. He actively evaluates Artificial Intelligence/Big data, Cybersecurity and Cloud technology companies in terms of their technology and business strategy to sieve out the golden snitch from the noise

He is trained in computational biology and is self taught for programming and artificial intelligence. He has a particular interest in applying evolutionary algorithm to neural networks, games playing AI and the stewardship and ethics of AI Tomithy has more than 10 years of programming experience and has worked with various research groups including the Galaxy project, NUS MBI, A*STAR ( BII).

Fees & Funding

* Individuals may use SkillsFuture Credit
* No Absentee Payroll

"Lead Your Industry"
with Deeper Knowledge on
Data Analytics for E-Commerce

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